Frankie Manning (May 26, 1914 – April 27, 2009)[1] was an American dancer, instructor, and choreographer. Manning is considered one of the founders of Lindy Hop.

Frankie was “the gawdfather of Lindy Hop….the best dance in music.”

Mood Swings owes a lot to Frankie and his legacy.  At our infancy, the leadership of Mood Swings made an overnight trek up to New York just to see Frankie.  We got on a train right after work, got into New York and went straight to Harlem for chicken and waffles and to watch Frankie Manning dance to live big band music.  We had the wonderful opportunity to chat with Frankie that night and tell him all about Mood Swings.  He loved to hear about what we were doing in Baltimore and he told us to “smile and keep “lovin’ what your doin’!”

After our fill of chicken and waffles, we then made a quick trip to The Cotton Club, stopped by Hotel Pennsylvania for a tribute to Glenn Miller then grabbed a 4am train back to Baltimore in time to head straight back to work…never even stopping to change clothes from the day before.

To learn more about Freddie, check out the video and timeline below.

Frankie Timeline