OK, so you’re the one chosen by the company to book the band. It could be worse, you could be part of a committee where there is never a consensus and the VP’s neighbor’s kid has a “great” garage band! You could hire an agent– oh, you are an agent?

Remember last year’s band was, well, not so good– or– worse yet, they were great and it’s your job to find a fresh new band that is even better!

We understand this dilemma. . . all ages, all styles, a lot of corporate opinions. . .a band that tries to please everyone? Yes, this can easily backfire.

All styles, all ages, dancing encouraged, crowd interaction and– a show for all!

In MOOD SWINGS Big Band, our corporate commitments by day extend into corporate entertainment by night. We wished our workdays could be more like our work nights! Here is a corporate quote from Roberta which bears such historic significance that we will share it with generations to come.

“This is a big thank you for the marvelous performance at our convention. Your music was an inspiration at a time when our country was in shock from the 9/11 event. The music gave us hope for the future of America and was healing for our spirits at this time of tragedy. One of my favorite films was “Brassed Off” where the band saved the day and that’s exactly what you did for us. The members and Board join me in thanking you. Everyone is still talking about the event. I personally have never known of a gesture of such magnitude and will always remember your generosity. Thank you, again.”

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